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Tazo Chai Tea - 144

Tazo Chai Tea

6 box/case (144 bags)

A rich blend of teas and spices in the style of the Himalayas, Organic Tazo Chai is a sensual experience that comes from many exotic parts of the world. Indian and Ceylon black teas are combined with sweet cinnamon, cloves, and other exotic spices.

Tazo was created for one purpo to reinvent tea and the tea experience. By using high quality ingredients and a tremendous amount of experience and creativity, Tazo has produced unique products that create an emotional connection with the consumer at many levels. Tazo continues to expose consumers to the ancient traditions of tea, but presents this in a way that is bold, interesting and intriguing. Unlike other tea companies, Tazo purchases teas in their original container as packed at the garden to ensure the tea inside the chest or bag stays garden fresh and is not exposed to the heat and moisture in a blending facility at one of the tea shippingpoints. The blending process is a very subtle art form that relies on subjective measurement of taste, color and aroma. Tazo constantly taste and determine which teas will go in which blend in what percentage, so flavor profiles remain consistent and ofthe highest quality possible. The name Tazo has roots in many civilizations. Tazo actually means inchriver of life inch in the Romany Gypsy language and was used as a toast to life by ancient Greeks. Tazo also means inchfresh inch in several Hindi dialects. In ancient Babylonia, Tazo was a rejuvenating elixir thought to have magical properties.

Ingredients: Black teas, ginger root, cinnamon bark, black pepper, cardamom seed, cloves and star anise seed. Organically grown.

Tazo is kosher certified by KSA.

Item Number: 7TCH

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